2012-05-20: The Book of Truth

The Book of Truth:

There is a difference between interpreting history, predicting future history, and controlling history.  The true prophet engages in none of these; the true prophet is God’s messenger, speaking the word of the Lord to His people.  In scripture, God presents Himself as the only One who is sovereign.  He interprets history because it unfolds according to His plan. He predicts future historical events to reveal Himself as sovereign.  Chapter 11 of Daniel deals with future world events—great wars—in which Israel would be caught up.  They would be terrible times of upheaval, appearing as though Israel were a plaything in the hands of foreign powers.  If Israel were still God’s chosen people, then why is this all happening?  The why is not given, but the prediction of the future events is.  Once again, it shows God as sovereign.  There is no other to trust in.

by Jeff Wagner

Text: Daniel Ch11:1-19
Scripture Reading: Psalm 77

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