2012-05-27: Know your God

Know your God:

Set against the backdrop of Antiochus Epiphanies’ rise to power and subsequent persecution of Israel are “the people who know their God.”  They display strength and take action.  They have insight and give understanding to the many.  The persecution is intense and many fall away, but the end is for the purpose of refining, purging, and making them pure.  Antiochus Epiphanies is a precursor of the Anti-Christ and his godlessness and wickedness foreshadows how that person will act when he enters the world stage; who can stand and to what end?  Those who know their God will stand and the refining, purging, and purifying will make them shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of the heavens, like the stars, for ever and ever.

by Jeff Wagner

Text: Daniel Ch11:20-45
Scripture Reading: John 15:1-11 / 18-16:4

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