2013-03-31: Living On the Edge: r12 Video 7

Living On the Edge: r12 Video 7: How to Experience Authentic Community Pt1

This is a video based teaching from Chip Ingram and Living On the Edge about becoming a Romans chapter 12 christian.  The title links to online resources for the class. The posted audio file is just the discussion that happened in class, there is a brief silence that marks where the video was.  Most of the discussion this week was in small groups. Talk to Jim Harris to see the video if you missed it.

Video 7 is based on Romans 12:9-13 and the homework is:
1) Think of a person you feel safe with and someone you’d like to get to know a little bit better. Take the initiative to get together with them.
2) Write a letter to someone who has provided true, authentic community in your life. Tell them what their friendship has meant to you and how their life has had an impact on you.

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