2015-01-04: Looking forward to the Triumphal Entry (Mark 11:1-11)

Text: Mark 11:1-11

By Jeff Wagner

Most Bibles label this first account in Mark 11 as the “Triumphal Entry”, but it is difficult to see it from the text itself. Everything leads toward a triumphal coronation and it is exactly the climax we would anticipate given the shouting masses of people, yet upon entering Jerusalem, everything goes strangely silent. In case we think that it all catches Jesus by surprise we must remember that this is exactly what He taught His disciples to expect and what the result would mean. And in case we missed it once again, Jesus shows it is moving exactly as planned by telling them where to find the donkey he will ride into the city on. It serves to point us in eager anticipation for the day when Jesus will return as King, this time riding a white horse.

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