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Sermon-2015-7-5: In Barabbas’s place

  • Title:  In Barabbas’s place
  • Text:  Mark 15:6-15
  • Notes:  We do not know much about Barabbas except that he was a rebel, a murderer, and a robber.  It is enough of a description to conclude he was deserving of execution.  Yet Jesus takes his place on the cross.  The NT teaches us that Christ “bore our sins in His body on the cross…” and this is a picture of the substitutionary nature of Jesus’ death.  We have no idea how Barabbas lived his new freedom, but we are called to “die to sin and live to righteousness” as the result of Christ’s work on the cross.  “For by His wounds you are healed.”
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Sermon-2015-7-12: Mocking the King

  • Title: Mocking the King
  • Text: Mark 15:16-21
  • Notes: The Romans soldiers dress Jesus up as a king and give Him a crown as a king and then hail Him as a king.  In dressing Jesus up in the outward attire of a king, even bowing to Him as if He were a king, they are mocking Him, because they in no way believe He is a king, let alone the King.  Yet in bearing the scorn of their mockery, He shows Himself to be the only King.
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